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The Problem Business Owners Face

The demands on you as a business owner are real, tangible, and significant.

As a business owner you’ll never be able to take your foot-off-the-gas.
You’ll never be able to relax.
And you’ll certainly never be able to grow, and sell the business without huge drain on you
both physically and mentally.

The Solution

Power your business using advanced business processes.

The McFreedom System®️ technology is used to power 38,899 small businesses (and counting) around the world.
Allowing businesses to Scale, Grow, and ultimately Sell in ways that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.
Giving business owners the freedom to work on their business rather than in it.

Could the McFreedom System®️ help you?

Scale Your Business

The McFreedom System®️ and Scale.
If you want to scale your business, then systems are a fundamental requirement – and not just in your operation. You’ll want systems for hiring, training and managing your people; a system for staying on top of those crucial numbers in your business; a system for communication, and so on.


Grow Your Business

The McFreedom System®️ and Growth.
If you want to grow your business without the hard slog of working day to day at the coal face, you need to develop systems that run your operation, and a high performing team who run your systems, without you needing to be there.


The McFreedom System®️ and Selling.
If you want to sell your business, then you need to make sure that you’re sale-ready; that you have the systems in place (just like McDonald’s) that will make your business attractive to your potential buyers.



The McFreedom System®️ technology is used to power 38,899 businesses worldwide


Alison Shadrack-Brown

Alison Shadrack-Brown

"Really enjoyed the day"
Alison Shadrack-Brown talks about The McFreedom System®, and what she learned at the McFreedom Secrets Workshop about achieving consistency by having systems in every area of your business, and a team who know how to work with them.
Lucy Whittington

Lucy Whittington

"Less to do than you think…"
Lucy Whittington talks about The McFreedom Secrets workshop, and how, by putting The McFreedom System® in place in your business, you could run your business from the beach!
Jeff Lermer

Jeff Lermer

"She has really improved my business"
Jeff describes how both his business and his team have benefited from working with Marianne Page and The McFreedom System®.
Rachael Flanagan

Rachael Flanagan

"Focus on 4 key elements"
Rachael Flanagan of the fast growth business Mrs Bucket, talks about what she learned about The McFreedom System® at the McFreedom Secrets Workshop. Rachael discusses the importance of building the 4 key elements (Foundations) of the System in your business if you're looking for fast growth.

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Process to Profit

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