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If you want to grow your business you need other people. Whether they are partners, associates or affiliates, whether you find them on Elance or you employ them – if you want to get beyond trading your life for money, to grow your business without killing yourself – other people are essential.

Many business owners shy away from employing as an option:

‘Ooh I tried that once and I’m not going down that route again!’…

No way! Far too much hassle’…

‘You gotta be kidding me…I can do the job better and quicker myself’

…you hear them cry!

Others who have employees are either struggling with, or hugely frustrated by, the whole experience:

‘Ive told them a million times how to do this…why don’t they just get it?!’

‘I just can’t get them to stop playing on their phones…’

‘Why do they keep making the same mistakes..?’

Maybe you recognise your own grumblings here…

The truth is though that if you have the right systems in place and the right mindset, employing people is not only straightforward, but also hugely rewarding.

By the right systems, I’m talking about your systems for hiring, for personal development and for performance management. The three essential systems that keep everything consistent and controlled, that keep everyone informed and engaged, and that make your employer brand as reliable as your business brand.

When you think of People Systems my guess is that the words HR, legal and discipline spring to mind. The soul-shrinking, limiting side of employment! So I challenge you to adjust your thinking, to change your mindset.

Think, helping individuals to fulfil their potential.

Think, working with engaged employees who want to do a good job and get recognised for it.

Think, running a consistently efficient business where you have control without having to be there 24/7.

Here’s the thing:

  • if you only bring the right people (people who share your values) into the business
  • if you show an interest in them and develop them as individuals
  • if you give them all the information they need, and logical systems so that they can do the job to your high standards
  • if you manage their performance-give them structured feedback regularly and consistently-making sure they know the consequences, good and bad
  • if you recognise them and reward them for a job well done…

Your business will grow to whatever size you want it to, without the hassle you currently experience, or have experienced in the past.

Look to the likes of McDonald’s, Virgin, Apple if you doubt what I’m saying. Successful business is based on the strength of your employer brand as much as the brand you market to your customers.

Build your people systems, develop your team, build your business.

If you have the right people, but they need development, if you just don’t have the time to be able to train your managers, to make sure that they are passing your values on to their team, we offer a solution.

We have developed our McFreedom Managers’ Development Programme with you in mind. It’s a sixth month, structured, online course aimed at developing your managers into the leaders that your team will follow. 

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Upcoming course start date: 6th July 2018 

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A Leader is best when people barely know that he exists.

When his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say,

‘We did this ourselves’.

Lao-Tzu (Book of Tao 6th Century BC)

The first time I read this, I loved it. Every time I read it I get goose bumps.

I can’t quite get my head around the fact that it was written in the 6th century BC, mind you – it makes my brain hurt. Especially as here we are in 2018 still trying to get to grips with leadership and management, one of the trickiest area for a business owner to get right.

Makes me think of a course I was on once, about leadership communication, where they asked everyone for examples of the last thing their leader had said to them.

‘Merry Christmas!’ said one guy.

Considering the course was in August, it clearly indicated a leader whose people barely knew he existed, but maybe not in the way Lao-Tzu intended!

The reason I love what Lao-Tzu wrote, is because it’s what I believe too.

Even though nobody who I ever led would say they didn’t know I was there, I do believe passionately that the best leaders replace themselves.  They give their people the tools and the training, the systems and the development, the ownership and the support they need to deliver results with minimum intervention.  Then they get out of their way and let them get on with it.

The business owner’s mission, is to do themselves out of a job, though I have to admit that Lao-Tzu said it more poetically.

Like me, you must have had someone tell you to do something just as you were about to do it?

‘I’m doing it! I’m doing it now!’ as Basil Fawlty would say.

Or maybe you’ve come across people who want to explain things in detail to you without checking your knowledge first.

Annoying isn’t it?

If you find being told what you know already annoying or frustrating, there’s a good chance your team will too. And if they don’t, then maybe they shouldn’t be in your team.

The people we want are those who relish responsibility, who have ideas, who learn what their role is, and what standards are expected of them, and then set out to make it their own.  Those people who want to grow and develop.

We don’t want those who wait to be told what we want them to do every day, who have no initiative, no enthusiasm and no personal goals. Those people will never replace us. They will keep us trapped in the long hours, lots of stress cycle.

As a leader, we need to give every individual we hire the opportunity to be in that first group. And to do that, we need to give them four things:

  1. Systems and Procedures to work with
  2. Training that shows them how to do the job and the standards expected
  3. Performance Management & Feedback that keeps them on track and challenges them to grow
  4. Recognition and Reward that acknowledges and praises their contribution to the business

Give them this support, and they will say ‘We did this ourselves’.

At Marianne Page Limited, we have recognised the fact that busy business owners often just don’t have the time to develop their managers, but desperately want them to succeed. We have developed a Programme aimed at just this.

The McFreedom Managers’ Development Programme is a structured 6 month programme aimed at developing the mindset and the skill set of your managers at every level, who will develop your high performing team and lead them effectively…

Do one thing: Head over to our website to download our McFreedom Managers’ Development Programme Brochure here. 

Upcoming programme start date: 6th July 2018

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Don’t just take our word for it..!

“The McFreedom Managers’ Development Programme has already been so insightful into the thought process and principles surrounding Management. I’ve already grown in confidence giving constructive and positive feedback to staff members amongst other initiatives that the course has provided so far. Thank you to Marianne for her wisdom and expertise!”

– Maddy, Senior Global Partnerships & PR Manager, Boda Skins

“When the revenue lines on the growth chart are off the page and it is hell for leather, do you really have the quality time available to develop your managers, particularly those that might lack some experience having risen through the ranks of your original teams? At Gemini we have taken the conscious decision to place these requirements in the very capable hands of Marianne and her team. Marianne has created the safe space and the calm considered, collaborative environment that has allowed our management teams to throw off a few shackles, tackle some really quite nuanced issues and seek affirmation and new ideas from Marianne’s team and those from other sectors who find themselves in the very same boat. We have seen steep changes in confidence and behaviours and been able to identify future development plans.”

– Jason, Operations Manager, Gemini Parking Solutions