Does good service really matter…?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the whole customer experience recently…largely because, in collaboration with the team at Awards International, Bright are running the UK Customer Experience Awards this year …and I’m curious to know how important the human element of your wider customer experience is to you?

How does the service you receive stack up against availability, product choice, product quality, price, value for money, or even the company’s reputation as an employer?  Does it really matter if they take an age to answer the phone, or acknowledge you in a store? Do you care if your server is rude or surly as long as you get what you want?

Listening to stories about M&S and others, it strikes me that people are prepared to put up with an awful lot of crap, particularly from the big brands, before they are driven to withdraw their custom.  But what do you think? How much bad service would you, or indeed do you put up with, if all of the other elements of your experience as a customer are good…or even ok?

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