Don’t kid yourself…you’re blocking your own success

Stop making excuses - take ACTion

I had a conversation this week with someone who was banging on and on ad nauseum about how difficult their life is…how hard they have to work and how poor their results are.  It’s not the first conversation we’ve had like that, in fact, truth be told, I’ve been listening to the same story for nearly 18 months.

I used to offer suggestions and make recommendations for how they could move on from their frustrating and customer-sparse existence.  I used to be passionate about wanting to help them, knowing that I had the knowledge and experience to do so, and sharing it generously.  I used to believe that they wanted to have a simpler life…to work less and make more money.

I don’t anymore.

Now I know that they are in love with their stories and excuses around why they are not doing well…they’ve trotted them out for so long that they believe in them totally.  They kid themselves that their miserable existence is nothing to do with them…that it’s their prospects, their competitors, the universe conspiring against them.

Others in their field are doing well because they ‘have more contacts’, they ‘had a head start’, they ‘are better looking!’.  Customers don’t buy from them because they ‘don’t understand’, ‘don’t see the need’, ‘don’t have the money’.

And they in turn won’t invest in the sort of one on one help that they need to push them past this commercial coma that they are in…to help them recognise that if they want to move forward, then that’s exactly what they have to do…one step at a time…starting with the first.  Instead they distract themselves by subscribing to all the gurus, signing up for low end programmes…oh and of course sharing their story with anyone who’ll listen.

Does any of this sound like you?  Do you have your own stories and list of excuses for why your business isn’t taking off?  If so, it’s time to recognise that you’re sabotaging your own success.


Change your mindset, change your focus, surround yourself with people who don’t make excuses and won’t listen to them either, get the right stuff done, and let’s get your business moving…one step at a time.

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