What if…dreams came true?

Dream big...then ACT

I have a dream!

Who doesn’t know that line?…and who said it? …and when?

Just a few words, that inspired an awful lot of action. Life-changing, world-changing action.

A dream did that.

These days, in business, dreaming has a bad name…it’s associated with wishing and hoping, with pie-in-the-sky thinking and head in the clouds delusion.

Certainly not with action.

Just think about your own dreams for a second – not those weird ones you have at night – I’m talking about the dreams you have for your future…your ideal future.

That’s what most of us dream about, don’t we? Our ideal future – that place and time when we have achieved success – no matter what we consider that success to be.

A wonderful relationship with someone truly special. A great connection with our kids. A business that runs smoothly, without the long hours and the effort. Financial freedom. Health and fitness. Making a difference. Leaving a legacy.

Aren’t these the sort of things we dream about for ourselves? Feel passionately about?

Passion drives action.

Martin Luther King’s dream, his passionate belief in a dream, drove massive action.

Your dreams can do that too…


By focusing on them, getting clear about what you really want…what’s really important to you.
By planning your life around your dreams and ditching all the ‘stuff’ that’s taking you in the wrong direction.
By getting conscious about the decisions you are making day to day. And…

By taking action every day that moves you towards your dreams.

What you do today echoes in your future…it creates it.

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