Finish what you started

Finish what you start

There are two things that are universally true of entrepreneurs:

1. We are completely in control of our own destiny. Win or lose…succeed or fail…it’s in our hands.


2. We love to create new things. We love to get a new idea off the ground…and we have LOTS of new ideas.

Of course, as we all know, this love of the new and exciting, can have a big impact on our destiny and that of our business…often not a positive one.

How many projects have you left unfinished?
How many ‘changes of direction’ has your business had?
How many big opportunities have you failed to capitalise on because you ‘moved on’ and never reached the tipping point?

My mentor pulled me up on this just last week.  We were talking books, and I commented that I was keen to write a second.

‘Oh so you’re bored with the one you have are you?’ he said, ‘You’re ready to shelve it and move on to the next, when I (your market) am just discovering it.  You’re bored eating cheeseburgers just as I fancy one!’

His message was clear: Finish what you start!

This time of year is notorious for ‘moving on’. We’re already focused on next year…already planning for it, which is good…essential actually.  But have we achieved everything we set out to this year, everything we planned for?

We have 3 full months to finish what we started.  3 full months to make this our best year yet.  Don’t give up on this year and spend the next 3 months planning to move on. Even if it’s not been a great year so far, we can finish it with a bang.

Get your plans back out.  Review what you said you’d do against what you’ve actually done.  Then set about doing some serious finishing work and make every day count!

That champagne will taste so much sweeter on New Year’s Eve if you do.



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