Get your SME off the people-pain train

Line up for the people-pain train, leaving 6am Monday arriving 7pm Friday. (If you’re lucky.)

Calling at:

‘I could do it quicker myself’

‘Why can’t they get it right’

‘Where the hell is he?’

‘Oh, sod it, I’ll just do it myself’

Meet Tom.

Tom wishes people were machines.

‘Machines; you get them set up, you tweak them, keep them serviced and they rarely let you down. Yes, you may have to replace them after a while to keep them up to date but they’re so … clean, so logical. You don’t have to hear about their problems, You don’t have to train them how to do their job.

I never mind investing in my kit, because I know and trust the return it’ll give me.’

‘But people? Don’t get me started.

Every little thing is a drama. Every bit of feedback they’re in a huff. I give them a rollicking for being late and I have to listen to their whole life-story. There’s always something to complain about and then the next thing, they’re expecting time off to watch their kid run in an egg and spoon race. Really?!’

Yes, it’s true.  People aren’t machines.  We’re all different.  We all have different wants and needs.  And we all need, even if we don’t always want, feedback to improve our performance.

Of course, all too often, feedback is seen as confrontation – and we all know people who avoid confrontation – maybe it’s you.

But when you don’t confront a disruptive team member, or a bully, or someone who’s under-performing, you lose the respect of the whole team.

What if you had systems in place that meant these situations rarely if ever came up?

What if, when they did, you had a process to follow which gave you the confidence to deal with it promptly, and effectively?

Would you be respected by your team?

Wouldn’t they be confident that you wouldn’t tolerate anyone who upset the rhythm of the team?

Wouldn’t that help you build a high-performing team and a successful business?

The time you invest in your people, sharing people systems you put in place e.g. a common goal, a set of values, simple ways of doing things, training, regular feedback, recognition will allow your people to blossom and your business to grow. You invest in machinery why not in something of far greater value?

Your people train doesn’t have to full of pain. It can call at new places:

we did it’

‘our Customers love you’

‘you’re a star’

‘we’ve smashed it, let’s party’.

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