How to eat an elephant

How to eat an elephant

Think of a time you had so much to do, you did nothing.

Perhaps that day was yesterday. It happens to us all.

My sister has been going to update her ensuite, the family bathroom and the kitchen, for the last three years. And yes, you’ve guessed it, nothing has been done except for numerous trips to look at show homes, and showrooms, and yet more show homes.

It’s procrastination by activity. A slow death by research. You seem busy but you’re not actually getting anywhere. Sound familiar?

So how to get around it?

Remember the old adage, ‘Don’t eat the elephant all in one bite’? Well I’d say, don’t even feel you have to go for the trunk.  Go for a toenail if it gets you moving forward.

If my sister had focused solely on her ensuite, she may have had the whole house refurbished by now.

But she’s not alone in her procrastination is she?

Oh no! We all have large elephants in our procrastination closet.  For many it’s the systems elephant.

So many business owners would love to ‘do a McDonald’s’ and have a process and a system in every area of their business.  They see the benefits.  They understand how it would free up their time, and give their people ownership.

But it’s all so overwhelming…they know they need a LOT of systems…and they’re so busy…so they wait to start until they’re less busy…and they end up with none.

You may recognise yourself here.

Well here’s a question for you: what if someone had developed a guide to developing Simple, Logical and Repeatable systems?  And what if they’d gone one step further, and actually developed a number of Simple Systems – ‘How to’ guides and templates – for key areas of your business?

Areas like Planning and time management, operating Processes, People systems like hiring and training, and Performance management?

Would you get started then?

Let’s see…

Do one thing: Download your FREE Busy Business Owner’s Guide to Developing Simple Systems  and take one small bite of that systems elephant today.

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