Be your own Leader

Be your own Leader

I’ve been a bit hard on myself in the last couple of weeks.  Certain things haven’t come together as quickly as I’d hoped…having finally spotted a big black hole in my business, I’ve had to spend time looking for someone to help me fill it…and I’ve been getting really cross with myself for still not having everything under control.  Yes…very cross, and very grumpy!

And I know I’m not alone in getting like this.

Many of you will know I ran a 3 question survey last week (please do fill it in if you haven’t already), to research why we don’t achieve what we set out to every year, and what our biggest frustrations are day to day.

As expected, there was an incredible amount of self-flagellation in the responses.  We are all so good at beating ourselves up, seeing our own faults, and as business owners and leaders…taking personal responsibility for any failures or lack of progress on our part. And that’s great…to an extent.  It’s good to take ownership, to recognise our own weaknesses, and to think about how we could things differently or better going forward.

But we also need to take time to give ourselves a bit of recognition for what we have achieved, for what we have done well, and for how far we’ve come.  Why is it we’re so ready to overlook the good stuff?

When you are reviewing an employee’s performance, you take the time to tell them what they have done well, before you look at the areas you want them to work on and improve.  It’s just good leadership.  You want the individual to be inspired to do better going forward.

So let’s do the same for ourselves.  Let’s have our own performance management system.

At the end of every week, as we’re planning for the week to come…let’s agree now that we’re going to take time out to think positively…about how our business has progressed since the early days…how much we have learned…how many people we have helped, supported, maybe changed their lives.  Thinks of all the things you’re really good at…all the good stuff you’ve done…and how much fun you’ve had doing it.

Make it a routine…and then a habit to review all of the things we have done well, before we look at the areas we need to work on and improve.  We are the number 1 employee of our business…let’s give ourselves a bit of recognition, and inspire ourselves to be even better going forward.

Are you in?

Let me know via the comments box below.

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