Process creativity

Almost without fail, whenever I say the word ‘process’ in a conversation I can see the other person glaze over.  It’s almost instantaneous …’process’…gone!  It has the same effect on people as the words ‘insurance’ or ‘double-glazing’ or ‘accounting’…and yet, we all have process in our lives somewhere.  Many of us love them.  Some of us are even addicted to them – what do you think OCD is based on?

And besides, none of us can avoid them.

Even the most disorganised person will have process in their life…the order in which they put their clothes on…the way they make a cup of tea…the route they follow to work.  It’s systematic…following the same process…simply the way they do these things.

In business it’s the same.  A business owner may decide that they don’t want to have any process in their business, that they want to be free-flowing, empower their people…build a successful operation without being tied to systems.  The reality is though that they will have a way of doing things….the people who work for them will create their own way of doing things…organically, without appreciating it, they will develop processes…and because they haven’t developed them consciously…they will, very often, be inefficient and wasteful.

Processes are perceived as restrictive…akin to some sort of straight jacket… but this could not be further from the truth.  Efficient processes do not remove creativity or innovation from a business.  On the contrary they provide a solid, logical platform which frees the people in the business to be creative.

If you have bright, creative people working with you, they will continuously innovate with your processes and make them better, more streamlined, more efficient over time.  The outcome…continuous improvement, and a better and better experience for your customers.

Simple, logical process & systems make everyone’s life easier…yours, your people’s, your customers’…they are the ultimate liberator, time saver, control giver…in life and in business.  What’s not to love?

Marianne Page
Director Bright-for business impact
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