Your Redundancy Letter

Your Redundancy Notice!

Dear [You]

This letter is to advise you that as of February 6th 2016, your services are no longer required by your business.

While your valuable input will always be welcome at our quarterly planning and review meetings, and of course you should feel free to pop in now and again for a coffee and a catch up with the team…you are no longer expected to play an active role in the business.

The reasons for this are as follows:

Over the past twelve months, you’ve worked hard to build a high performing team. You’ve focused on hiring the right people, who share your values, who have a positive can-do attitude, and who take full ownership for the role that they are performing.

You’ve developed simple, logical and repeatable systems in every area of the business, and recorded them so that the team can be trained to follow them consistently.As a result, every task is now performed to the high standard that you set, and every team member takes full ownership of achieving that standard, every time.

Our customers now love us, and we are building the business through their repeat custom, and their regular referrals.You’ve made it easy to do business with us, and achieved consistency for both our customers and the team, who receive regular performance reviews which both inspire and motivate them.

You have developed a culture of trust, where we rely on one another, and our customers rely on us.

Everyone loves working here, and while you’re a pleasure to work for, you are simply not needed anymore.I therefore respectfully suggest that you use your new found freedom to focus on growth, to create, to enjoy time with your family, to explore…to do whatever you like quite frankly.

Please have your desk cleared by 5pm on February 6th 2016, at which time we will be cracking open a large bottle of bubbly to celebrate.

Best wishes

The Boss

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