What do your team want from their manager?

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What do your team want from their manager?

We surveyed what employees want from their managers. Consistent, regular, honest communication is top of the list. 

I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the last few months mainly because I’ve been busy creating a programme aimed at helping all of the accidental managers out there – people who have been promoted or sometimes thrown into management, often through necessity, but not given the training or development they need to do it well.

I’ve seen it so many times in the businesses I work with – the business owner wants to step away, but they just don’t have a strong second line – not one person in some instances that they could leave at the wheel, even while they’re on holiday, and feel completely at ease and happy that it was in safe hands.

The ‘McFreedom Managers’ Development Programme’ is built out of both passion and frustration.

Frustration that all the good work developing simple, logical, repeatable systems and a high performing team to run them is stalled if there’s no-one to lead and manage the team.  And also that I didn’t think of doing this sooner!

Passion, because that’s exactly what I feel for building great teams and developing great leaders – helping all of them to fulfil their potential.  It’s what I did every day of my 27 years with McDonald’s…and I loved it!

But I’m very well aware that not everyone feels this way about managing people, and maybe I wouldn’t either if I hadn’t had so much time and money invested in my development as a manager by Macs.

We ask so many things of our managers – we want them to be boss, coach, mentor, supporter, and motivator. Every single day.

It’s hard, and even though they try their hardest, and do their best, are they really giving your employees everything they want from a manager? Everything they need? How do you know?

To find out I did a bit of research, asking employees about bosses they loved and hated, the sort of boss they would want to be, the sort of people they see in management roles.

I discovered three things employees want more than anything from their manager…

1. Communication. 

First and foremost, they want clarity – to know what their role is, what’s expected of them, and how they’re performing on a day to day basis. In a small business, they want to be involved – to know where the business is going, and how well you’re doing.  Get your managers to share the business goals, and set targets on a daily and weekly basis – challenging individuals within the team to contribute to the achievement of those goals and targets, and making sure they understand how their role contributes.

The team huddle; is a really great tool for your managers to use. Getting their team together for a very short time, often just five minutes to remind people what you’re striving for, what the aim is for the day. The huddle sets the tone for the day; raises the energy level, communicates what’s expected by the end of the day, and challenges the team to achieve! It’s motivating.

The timeout’ When your managers spot that something isn’t quite going to plan – the wheels are coming off or the energy’s not right, or perhaps members of the team have lost focus – they call a timeout, bring people back together, redirect and re-energise them.

Two simple tools to improve communication between manager and team.

I’ve said that there are three things that every employee needs. If you want to know the other two…

Invest just 70 minutes and join me for a live training session I’m delivering online, next week, and again in the new year (19th December and 11th January)

Learn more about how your managers can become much better at leading your team – removing your people pain and freeing you to work on driving your business growth.

On the training you’ll:

1. Discover the top three things people want from their boss

2. Learn how to give non-confrontational feedback.

3. Find out how McDonald’s gets every employee to follow the right way to do every task every time.

4. Find out the three essentials to building a high-performing team.

At the end of the session I’ll also give you details about our exciting new McFreedom Managers’ Development Programme aimed at giving your managers the knowledge and practical skills they need to build your high performing team, with minimal involvement from you.

Let me change and re-energise your mindset around people performance and help you to see how great it will be when you have high performing managers leading your team.  Let me develop your managers for you and save you a load of time, and a whole heap of pain!

Do one thing: If you are serious about developing your managers, but don’t have the time to invest in them yourself, then invest just 70 minutes with me, and get a taste for the experience, knowledge and practical skills I have to share with your crucial second line! Follow this link to choose your date.

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