Thinking is a waste of time

Take time to Think

I had a long day yesterday.  A full day masterminding, with 4 hours travelling time either end.  It was a great day – not only because the content of the meeting and the people I was sharing with were both top quality, but also because I had close to 8 hours of pure thinking time – just me, on my own, in the car.

Time is so precious, and all too often we see time spent thinking as a waste of it. We’re business owners, so we should be doing, right?! Thinking is for those people who are going nowhere.

We don’t need to think.

We know, and we act.

The trouble is, we can often be running full speed in the wrong direction.  Busy busy busy doing stuff that isn’t taking us to where we want to be.

And that’s because we haven’t ever stopped to think where that is.

One of the first questions I ask my clients is ‘what does success look like to you?’, and very rarely do I ever get a full answer – ‘This is what I’d be doing, feeling, thinking.’ ‘This is where I’d be and who I’d be with’ ‘This is what my life would look like’ ‘This is what my relationships would be like.’

It’s usually a vague, ‘Well I’d have a really successful business, and more time to do the things I’ve always wanted to do.’

Nobody gives themselves permission to take the time to think these days.  Not properly.

We’re all relentlessly driving our business forward.  But forward to where?

Do we ever really think about the basics of where we want our life to go, and how our business is going to help us get there.

So that’s my challenge to you over this short break.

Give yourself a break.  Give yourself time alone to think. Give yourself permission to switch off, and recharge, and gain new clarity from your newly created head-space.

Work out where you want to end up.  And give Q2 a fighting chance of taking you on the right road to getting there.

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