Time to do…or not to do?

The season of lent is upon us.  It may be on your radar simply as the run-up to Easter, or maybe as the time you’re meant to ‘give stuff up’…but for me it’s always been a wake up call just when I’ve needed it…a reminder that two months of the year have already gone, and that if I’m going to enjoy any sort of an Easter break, I’d better pull my finger out to get what I planned to do in the first quarter, done!

Lent is a great time for setting yourself challenges, for looking at where you are now, and asking yourself where you want to be in six weeks time.  As kids we always challenged ourselves to give up sweets, with the promise and reward of  Easter eggs on the horizon…in later years I gave up alcohol or coffee, or bread, often with the dual incentive of losing weight!

More recently though, I’ve used it as a time to do things, rather than stop doing them, particularly in relation to my business.  It’s a very manageable, while still stretching timeframe – plenty of opportunity to run a promotion, deliver a webinar series, or develop a product.  Perhaps you might choose to make time for 6 of the remaining 8 in my 30 Minute Masterclass Series, to perk up your productivity!

Of course you can still use it to give up stuff if you’d rather…maybe you could give up procrastination or the need for perfection, or maybe even Facebook…now there’s a good one!

Whatever you decide to do, or not to do…make sure it’s something to celebrate and reward yourself for, come Easter!


This is YOUR time. 2014 is YOUR year.  Make every single day of it count!


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