Time for your Leadership MOT

Your Leadership MOT

It’s that time of year again…my car is due its MOT.

I always think that they’ll find something wrong, and I sit there, like I imagine an expectant father must, waiting for the phone to ring.  All those moving parts…they can’t all be in perfect working order, can they?

So it’s always great when I get the ‘all clear’.  Not that it’s ever that straightforward, because you’re then faced with the dreaded traffic light system: green for fine, amber for ‘will need attention soon’ and red obviously, for a fail.

I don’t know about you but I hate getting an amber on a tyre. Is it a green-amber, or an amber-red?  What if something happens on the motorway and I haven’t changed it? …so I invariably get a new one.

I can understand why MOTs are mandatory, the roads are dangerous enough without a load of faulty cars on them. It does make you think though – how many other areas of our lives would benefit from a top to toe, annual health check?

It would certainly be great for a business, and for a business owner – but where do you go to find a leadership MOT; to have the traffic light system run over your behaviours; to tell you what you’re doing well, what needs attention and what has to stop!

If you have a team, a simple 360 degree feedback system can be effective. For example at their Performance Review (which you are doing, aren’t you?) ask them ‘what’s the most important thing you want from me as a leader?’ and at the next review ask them how you did.

If you have customers, which hopefully you do, ask them too.  ‘What are we doing well?’ and ‘What could we do better?’

A bit of self analysis doesn’t hurt either – getting off the hamster wheel once a month or once a quarter, taking the time to re-visit your vision and values, using the traffic light system and a healthy dose of honesty, to assess how you’re measuring up.

And of course, there are plenty of us coaches and consultants who are more than willing to run the rule over your leadership behaviours and give you objective feedback.  

Do one thing: Give yourself a leadership MOT, and build what you find into your personal improvement plan for next year.

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